During this unit we focused on poems, pictures, and music. We had to write 3 different poems, all of them for English obviously. Haiku, ekphrastic, and a spoken word were the type of poems we had to write. All had to go along a with a concept statement we, and for each of those poems we had to make music and an image that goes with it in our Web/Audio class. We also had to take a conceptual photo for our concept statement. Which you will see later on this web page. This whole array of projects made me use DreamWeaver, Photoshop, Pro tools, Flash, and Illustrator. Which was an amazing learning experience, it was something that really fascinated me, so it was easy and fun to learn. Well maybe not easy but worthwhile.


I am exploring the feeling of luck when finding things.


my conceptual art
Please click on image above so you can see some amzing photography skills. Please do it. I need it.
My concept photo has a lot of plastic forks with one metal fork. I originally was going to use the lunar eclipse as my concept photo, but the camera’s lens weren't supplementary to my needs. It was too dark and the lens on my camera couldn’t zoom in far enough, so i thought i could use my binoculars as a compensation for the lack of extremely good lenses. After I took the photos they looked good on the camera screen, but when I put it into the computer, the photos turned out blurry, so I had to think of something new because there went my month of planning. when I thought about luck, I thought about finding a needle in a haystack. And it was cliche but a brilliant idea. So i thought about it more and came up with plastic forks instead of hay and a metal fork instead of a needle. The process to take the photo was pretty simple. I had to put them all in one container and it had to be dark, Because having it dark would make it seem like you had to actually look for it instead of it being out in the open. And that is also the reason I had it be in something. It would build more on the idea that that you had to look for it.

I didn’t have to do much in photoshop. I already had most of the things I wanted in the original photo. So in photoshop I selected the darker parts of the photo with the pen tool, so i could amplify the darkness in it. I didn’t want to just make the whole thing dark because I wanted there to be two levels of light. Because of that I selected the area around the forks instead of everything. If i made everything dark, it would just look dark and nothing else. Having the light and darkness can make the darkness look more dark.

The finding of a metal fork in the bag filled with plastic forks would portray a sense of luck. If you were having a meal with a group of people, being the only person with a metal fork while everyone had to deal with the weakness and flimsiness of the plastic ones would most definitely make me feel luckier and superior to the others. And being the only one who found the metal fork would most definitely be lucky.

10 line poem
Ekphrastic poem
Spoken Word poem


My photo Haiku was inspired by my sisters. My poem had to be about food, a season, and had to have a comdeic effect. The last one wasn't required, but it was something that I would enjoy having. I also wanted to do something related to my sisters, since they are a huge part of my life. So when I thought about it, sandwitches naturally came to mind. When my mom makes sanditches for the whole family, I always finish mine and always want more. Luckily my sister never finishes her's becuase she is a very picky eater (she is 4). I eat my sandwitch and my sister's. When I have to think about making a poem with all of those things considered, I automatically think of the park. When you look at my actual photo you can't see my sister because that would be too cliche. I put myself in it becasue when I eat her sandwitch, I feel surperior to her. I get the sandwitch and the slide to myself.

I used Flash CC to make the video of my video Haiku.




For this song I had no idea where to start. Since at freestyle academy, you have so many options, that it can be a tad intimidating. There is so many things that you can do. So I just started trying different things out. With that I came across a “instrument” called Xpand 2. Which allows you to use multiple instruments at once. Using that tool, I came across many creepy sounding instruments (noises, they aren’t really instruments). After that I was like “I don’t think anyone else is going after a middle of a forest at midnight kind of music.” Which made me happy and determined to be the only one. The music above is the product of that mindset, and for it I used the FXs called Halley+, Jacques Telephone+, Pressure Leak, Waterdrops Falling, Heavy Wind, Heavy Rain+, Aliens+, Huge Bubbles, and Ambient Droplets. All of them were used together to make that “creepy” music you hear.