About Me

Hello, Welcome to my website! 😉 😉 😉

My name is Jiumeiyuan Long, you can also call me Coco if you want. I am a student at Freestyle Academy. At Freestyle, I’ve taken classes in Design, English and Digital Media. The reasons why I join this community are because I love Art and Design. And Freestyle Academy is a great place that helps and teaches me how to express my thoughts by using them. Actually I wonder whether I should join Freestyle Academy or not at first because there might be lots of new things to learn and lots of projects to finish. But now, I am glad and appreciate that I join this place because all the people in there are nice and friendly. They are all creative and have plenty of ideas to emerge the magic power of art. Although there are many new technology and skills to learn, these skills are all very helpful for my life and interesting to learn.

During the time in Freestyle Academy, I gained and harvested lots of new things. I create this website page to show what I have learned and done. Please click different different section on the top to browse and ENJOY it!!