About Me

Joshua Tree National Park

Colby Johansson

Hi, my name is Colby Johansson. I have lived in Mountain View, CA, all of my life and I’m taking digital media, english, and animation at Freestyle Academy. I really enjoy the creative freedom that everyone gets when making their projects at Freestyle. It’s a refreshing change from the typical strict rubric of normal high school classes, that can often be a pain to follow. In addition, Freestyle really emphasizes the importance of community, which ultimately increases the enjoyment of being involved in this wonderful program.

As a junior in high school, life can be a little hectic at times. I occasionally like to relax by playing video games, and I always enjoy hanging out with my friends. I also like hiking and camping in the wilderness, allowing myself to take a step back every once in awhile. I also have a dog that I love giving walks and spending lots of time with.