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Research Paper

The essential question for my research paper is "Why and how do people escape their everyday lives through creating art or music, and how does 'the zone' play a role in this?" My partner Evan and I chose to interview four different artists for this project - two visual artists and two musicians - to try to find a legitimate answer to this question. We found this topic interesting because we both play music, and attending Freestyle Academy, we're exposed to a lot of art and art-related subjects regularly. We wanted to know why other people were drawn to art and music for comfort, and how they felt when they were in the middle of creating. It was a good topic to choose, because it was something we're both interested in, and it allowed us to meet some awesome new people.


Audio Documentary
While listening to my audio documentary, keep in mind our main point, and remember that this is a first-attempt at creating a documentary solely through audio. It was tough to do, considering how we didn't have the ability to show anyone anything directly, like a film documentary can. In our documentary, we chose to organize our information into a person-by-person layout. By doing this, we could effectively compare and contrast our different interviewees, and wrap them all together in the end, with a conclusion. We interviewed Ben - a musician, Jamie and Eric - two artists, and Aldo - a musician. Through these interviews we got the groundwork for our final product.


Photo Project

Our photo book is a visual representation of what we found through our interviews and tells the same story as our research paper and audio documentary, except with photography as the medium. We took hundreds and hundreds of photos between the two of us, and the better ones we selected to be shown in our book. They are photos that range from portraits of our interiewees, to foggy hill shots (representing places of escape). It took a long time, but now that it's done I'm really excited for it to come back. It's a hardcover, titled appropriately "Places of Escape". It's sixty-something pages long, with about 4 pages of full type in the whole thing and over sixty photos. It's going to be glorious when it ships in.


Project Comments

Mostly what I enjoyed about this project was the photo book. I really enjoyed taking photos of all the interviewees and arranging this in InDesign. Creating a book is something I've never come close to doing, and actually sitting down and finishing it was a great feeling. I like the idea of researching a topic that we chose (Evan and I). It was cool having that much freedom.