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*In this unit we focused on storytelling. In Design we had two assignments. One was to create a photo narrative that was to tell a story through a panel of six photos. The second was an illustration that connected to a story we wrote in English. The unit caused us to focus on showing not telling. We had to learn to use symbols and not be too cliché or obvious. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty difficult.


*English seemed extremely long this unit. We wrote so many short stories!! We wrote dialogs and symbol stories, while reading and analyzing other stories. We also read 1984. It was an....interesting book. Let's just say it wasn't one of the best books i've ever was quite twisted. It wasn't exactly the type of book that I would have started reading on my own, so it's a good thing we read it for English.


*In web we created an animation and our second website. I got stuck so many times this unit but once I came up with some good ideas, it was easy getting started. That is with the help of everyone at Freestyle. The teachers are so helpful and my classmates are amazing. Working in flash for the first time and then returning to Dreamweaver was difficult, but everyone helped me through it. That’s one of the great things about Freestyle, everyone is so willing to help you if you don’t understand something.




*I am really proud of my work this unit (not to mention relieved I finished) and I hope you enjoy looking at my work!