Hello, and welcome to my Narrative unit website! This website encompasses everything I've been working on during this unit. The purpose of this project is ultimately to create a Flash Animation and learn all the steps that are neccessary to design and create a proper animation. For English class, we had to write out two short stories that could be turned into an animation. After weeks of proofreading, we chose one story to turn into a Graphic Novel. We first made a rough graphic novel and then made our final product, which was now without any mistakes and used proper transitions. In Design class, we learned how to utilize three point perspective lighting in our photos, and had photoshoots of someone representing the mian character in our short stories exemplifying ideas we wished to get across through photography. Using the products of our other classes, we created our Flash Animatic in WebAudio before we jumped into screenplays. Finally, everything came together when we created our Flash Animation and compiled it all together onto our website.

This unit certainly gave me the tools to proficiently use Flash CC, further my abilities in Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC, and explore different mediums to convey my thoughts and ideas to others. Before this unit, I was unaware of all the time and work that comes into creating just a short animation, and have learned to appreciate not just animations, but films as well. Learning the different transitions in English really opened my eyes to how different views and perspectives completely change the mood and feelings of videos and photos. Also, I learned that the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from working hard.