About Me

Edmond's Portrait

 My name is Edmond Li. I am a high school student at Mountain View High School and Freestyle Academy. I am take three class in freestyle: Design, Digital Media, and English. I am enjoying freestyle class so far. I am learning the Element of Art, Adobe apps, such as Photoshop, and Website Design. The environment is different from other classes I have experienced. The classroom of freestyle give off a unique feel. One of the main reason is the classroom do not feel as tense as other classroom. I am interested in art related subject for a few reason and one of the reason is the world I can create and express.This reason is mainly inspired by the video game world that I experienced. I am in awe with the structure, the history, the character design and many others that is in this world, that other people brings to life. I want to do the same thing.  I value the learning experience in freestyle.