About Me


Welcome to my website! My name is Elen Parry. I am a student in Animation at Freestyle Academy. Here is where you’ll find all the projects I’ve done at Freestyle Academy, and some of my own personal projects.

I chose to take Animation because I’m really interested in film, and have a background in drawing, so I combined the two. My favorite animation so far has been the Rotoscope animation. Rotoscoping is an animation technique where you take a regular video, and animate over it. The video we had was a man doing parkour. I used video layers in Photoshop to draw over the video frame by frame. We were given tons of creative freedom with this project, and it was really fun to see what I and my classmates came up with. You can find this project in the Narrative 1 section of this website.

Outside of school, I’m most likely playing soccer, drawing, or painting. I’ve been drawing practically my whole life and I started painting around 4th grade. I’ve always loved using acrylic paints but I took an Oil Painting class last year and I really enjoyed it, and started Oils over Acrylic. Recently, I’ve mainly been practicing my digital painting skills in Photoshop. Digital art is very important at Freestyle, so I practice it as much as I can to improve the quality of my work here. I play club soccer at Red Star Soccer Academy, and I play on the MVHS Varsity Girls Soccer team.