The purpose of this Narrative project is to make a short story, one that takes place within a day at most. For English, I had to make a Graphic Novel. We had to have a 3-4 page comic, and tell a short story with no dialogue. For Design, we had to make a Portrait and Illustration. For the Portrait, we had to photograph a model posing as out main character. We had to have the proper lighting, background, and props for the shoot. We also made an Illustration, which is supposed to have our climax, or a very important scene in our Graphic Novel. In WebAudio, we made an Animatic, which is a line of pictures and sounds chopped up to tell the story through souly the pictures, like a storyboard. We also made an Animation, which is a digital animated enactment of the story we made. We also made this website to give the viewer more information about our projects. As a teaser, I have an Animatic, Animation, Portrait, Illustration, and Projects page and within those, you can see each project and an explanation of them. During this Narrative Unit, I learned about story writing, story telling, and how to conduct a successful photoshoot.