Hello! My name is Emma Askren. I am a two-year Freestyle Academy student. Throughout my years here, I have created lots of work that I’m proud of, but I can say that out of all of my work, the documentary short film and book I created are what I’m most proud of. For the documentary unit, I profiled a high school senior named Bella Baynard who created art based off of politics.



Reflecting on my two years here, I have grown tremendously in being proud of my work, the effort I put into my work, and learning how to collaborate with others and how to take on a lot of work when collaboration does not work out. In my film class, almost every project we did was with a partner, and this helped me learn the best ways to split up the workload. The one huge thing that I really have grown from and appreciate about Freestyle is that at this school, you are taught in a way that breaks from the standard core classes we’ve been in all of our lives. It was hard to break away from this learning mindset, but at Freestyle, I was able to unveil my mind and bring out my creative side.