The focus of the Narrative unit was for us to create a story in English and base our website, animation, animatic, character portrait, and comic illustration off that. In english we were required to think up of a story. Once we decided on a story we were then to turn it into a comic strip (three or more pages). Then in WebAudio we used these comic panels that we created in english and used toon boom and transformed them into an animatic. The animatic was our starting point for our animation. Again in WebAudio we used toon boom, going off of our animatic, and created our animation. The graphics you will see in our animations were all created using Adobe Illustrator. In design we had to create our character portraits. We did this by sleecting our models and a time slot in the studio. With the DSLR camera given to us we did a photoshoot of 60+ shots. From those shots we chose the one we wanted to use. We then photoshopped our selected photo until we got the right result. Next in desgin we used Adobe Illustrator to create our comic illustrations. These illustrations were based on a scene from our comic/stories.

On each of the pages of this website, you, the viewer will see something different on each page. On the Animatic page, you will see our animatics that we have created and the process in which we went through to get our final project. On the Animation page, one can view our final animations with sound and everything, by clicking on the thumbnail. On our portriat page, you can view our photograh of our character portrait and how we did this. And finally on our Illustration page you can view our illustrations that we created in design.