“How can I use unconventional forms to express myself?”

The Conceptual projects focus on finding unconventional ways of expressing one self through different medias. In producing these projects students learned how to use DSLR Cameras, Audio Recorders, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects. This unit was an introduction to the application that we will use this year and years to come.

Photo Haiku 2018

In our english class we were given a concept statement that we used to write the haiku. We then in our digital media class learned how to use DSLR cameras to take nice photos, and how to record audio. With the photo and the audio together were were able to create this video in Premier.

land with half green grass and half dirt splitting down the middle

Free Verse

We used the same concept statement that we used for our photo haiku video. For the free verse we kept the concept statement in mind and wrote whatever came to mind.


When we went to the SFMOMA we had to chose an art piece that we really liked and write a poem about what we saw.


Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse for people who don’t know what it means is a method by which a collection of words or images are collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence. In our english class we were split into two groups, we then each chose a line of our poem we really liked and wrote them on separate pieces of paper. once everyone wrote their line we past the papers around the table and each person wrote one line of the poem, together we made this poem.

Poetry ever since I was little was never really my thing I didn’t really like it. After this unit I have come to appreciate it more. It’s still not really my thing but I have a new understanding about it now. I really enjoyed presenting the poetry in different ways, video and photo. Ive always like making videos so this unit was really fun for me.


Blending Modes

Blending modes is done in Adobe Photoshop. Blend modes are used to edit photos to either make then lighter or darker and even combine two photo like you see with the roses below.



Ive always wanted to learn how to use Photoshop so when I learned that we would be doing that I was really excited. I had previously owned a DSLR Camera but it was just a starter camera which worked for me at the time, Now that I have learned more about cameras I’ll be able to take different and better photos.

Conceptual Photography

For this photography project we used the concept statement from english that we used for the poetry unit to take original photos and then edit them in photoshop to better convey the message.

“I am exploring the feeling of envy through the experience of managing responsibilities.”  

The objects that I used in the photo are a small black monthly planner and a Fitbit weight scale. The planner is meant to resemble managing responsibilities. The meaning behind the scale is to resemble envy. You can view this in many ways, but I chose the scale with the intention of how many people including myself are envious of others’ body weight. I used the pages of the planner to lead your eye up and across the photo. I also used the planner to make your eye focus on the weight display. For the background, I wanted it to be a dark cool color to set the mood of envy.  With the lighting, I wanted shadows cast on each of the objects to create contrast between the two since they are of similar value.

The planner and the scale portray a sense of mystery. Having the color and value of the photo dark and a sense of contrast helps set the mood of the concept statement. When I was thinking about photo ideas, my first thought was that I wanted the photo to be dark, because envy can be seen as bad—when I think about bad I immediately think of dark colors and a dark atmosphere therefore I made the image monochromatic.

In Photoshop I cropped the photo to make it rule of thirds. I also added a blue color filter to make the overall value of the photo darker, as well as to set the mood of envy. I blurred the the background to soften the harsh lines. I enhanced the shadows in the photo to exemplify the contrast.  







The photo you see above is a screenshot of the Photoshop interface. With this we were able to create the photo you see above. We learned how to ad adjustment layers to modify the colors to the image

Macro Photography

For this project we learned how to take macro photos using the macro lens on our camera. Our assignment was to take a minimum of 120 photos of different items fro ex. cars, flowers, cutlery, and glass to name a few. from those 120 photos we then chose our favorite. Once we chose our favorite we edited the photo using Photoshop to make the final project.

What I valued most about the Macro and Conceptual projects is that I learned many new skills in Photoshop and with DSLR cameras. I feel much more confident in my ability to take and edit photos now. I also learned how important it is to ask questions, if I hadn’t asked any questions I don’t think the quality of my work would be the same.