About Me

Eric Wagenbrenner

My name is Eric Wagenbrenner and I am currently a Mountain View High School senior and this is my first year taking Freestyle. Although it was moderately challenging to catch up as a first year senior, I have managed to learn more about photoshop, after effects, Pro Tools, etc than I have anywhere else in just a few short months. At Freestyle, I take three classes including Graphic Design, a creative English class, and Digital Media! All three of these classes have allowed to me to unlock my potential and push myself to new heights I never thought were possible in the past. My absolute favorite thing about Freestyle Academy is the access and opportunity that students have to technology. In my opinion, the amount of expensive technology that students at Freestyle have free access to is one of the best things about Freestyle. The technology students have access to at Freestyle allows us to maximize the quality of our artwork as well as create something we feel proud of.


I enjoy various activities outside of Freestyle such as singing in choir, playing soccer, and working hard in school. The art work I produce at Freestyle is unique to me because instead of rushing the analysis of a theme in a piece of artwork,  I like to let the feeling of appreciation of that artwork sit with me for a while before I move on to something else. In this way, I am able to thoroughly digest the sensory details being displayed by the piece of art and clearly identify its meaning.


I am particularly excited about my work in Design so far which includes a painting of my collage as well as a digital collage. The thing I value most about Freestyle is the autonomy that students are given to go in any direction with the work they are producing. I think that a reason why Freestyle is so different than normal high school is that students have a genuine passion for the projects they are creating whether it is in Film, Digital Media, Graphic Design, or Animation. In addition, I value that students can indulge with their Freestyle projects as an outlet for creativity while simultaneously having fun and escaping from the stress that is produced by the pressures of normal high school.