Music – the power of creative infinity—inspiration color feeling systems of organization machines not condemning people or judging them living with a disability power to the people baby standing up for what you believe in not taking yourself too seriously hoarding crap living and letting other people live their lives. Mazes exploiting the cracks in the system being able to go to the bathroom whenever I want taking breaks at my own will questioning everything doing what you can on a personal level to make the world a better place. Loving with your whole heart. Technique and style avoiding most people I don’t like avoiding people in general walking to get somewhere spending time with the people who love you wishing I had the nerve not to make nice all the time limited honesty trying to have and keep friends. Working at something you will never have learning everything and nothing spider webs self expression facades and masks deep meditation weird crap faking it metaphor keeping an open mind and heart don’t let t the fine print stop you making patterns and then breaking them. Keeping busy making time for you a balanced life style knowing limits communication is important

main frame illustration