My mother is a nurse fond of quoting homilies and other proverbs she learned as a child. She is tone deaf. No one can put up a better fight for her rights or be so insistent on inconsequential. She is a socialite who embarks on many projects endeavors and other housewifely communal activism. 

The less said about my father the better. He is the director of clinical research at a small pharmaceutical company. He is a diabetic exercise enthusiast fond of the traditions he learned over the course of time such as formal family dinners, Sunday biking rides, and yearly ski trips.

My sister is a volleyball player with the same clique of friends she has had since kindergarten. She has a highly ironic sense of humor and a natural ability to negotiate. She is reserved among strangers and is happiest in front of television.

The family dog, Morgan is an unstoppable barker with a high-pitched bark. She derives a special pleasure from teasing other people and her favorite game is to be chased around the dinning room table or to run in circles. She will go to any lengths to chase and bark at squirrels.







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