My triptych is about the death of my childhood. I am about to transition from life as dependent child to an independent adult. I am a really sheltered person and I have no idea if I can make it on my own. The life I know and can predict is swiftly ending. A new life looms up ahead and memories that I have treasured come swiftly to an end.

       I photographed the doll my grandmother gave me before she moved out of her house. I manipulated the colors to show agitation, excitement and loss. I used a doll to convey a sense of creepy dependence and childlike innocence. I arranged the doll in a funerary manner as my way of saying good-bye to my past.

       When viewing my work, I hope that the viewer will experience a sense of innocence undone and perhaps to question what sacrifices have they made in their lives in the name of the future.