For my Documentary project I wanted to focus on something that was well known in the community but something tht everyone didn't know both sides about. Startups were the perfect option. They are huge in this area and many of the now successful businesses in the area were once startups ran out of a livingroom or dorm. But the problem was, nobody knew the other side of the story. The failures, the companies who go bankrupt or the ideas that don't even get a chance because they can't raise enough money on kickstarter. So thats why I decided to change that and teach everyone a life lesson that success doesn't necessarily lead to happiness.

Showcased below is the commercial we made using Adobe After Effects for our Documentary.


The purpose of the documentary project was to tell the untold stories of the community. I chose to explore Startups, a topic that is heavily discussed in Silicon Valley.

Like every project here at Freestyle, my 3 classes of English, Design, and Digital Media worked together to form the complete products this website presents.

Displayed below is the cover of my Magazine. Click here for link to issu.com to my Magazine.

Above are two screenshots of my work in After Effects and InDesign.


Below are a selection of 17 photos that I took at the locations of my Interviews.


Name of person 1
Craig Ceisla

Craig is VP at Kaiam Corporation in Newark, CA. He is a long time family friend and avid entrepreneur. His first attempt at a company came in the form of Tactus, a company that developed technology to put on screens so that when using the keyboard feature or stylus, it would be easier and feel for life-like. He is a graduate of Heriot-Watt University where he studied applied physics and finished with a PHD in laser physics.

Name of person 2
Julie Stanford

Julie is the co-CEO of a User Experience Design firm in Mountain View, CA. Julie is also a lecturer at the Stanford University d.school where she teaches courses on Cross Cultural Design and Design Thinking for Innovation. Prior to founding Sliced Bread Design, Julie was a Senior Interaction Designer at Financial Engines. She is an active member of the AIGA and the Interaction Design Association, and a frequent contributor to interaction design community discussions. Julie received from Stanford University a Bachelor of Science in Symbolic Systems and a Master of Arts in Communication, both with a specialization in Human Computer Interaction.

Name of person 3
Tony Patron

Tony is Director of Engineering and Product Development at IDEO in Palo Alto, CA. Tony is also a founder of a company called Earth Baby. Prior to founding Earth Baby, Tony was a Mechanical Engineer at Trimble Navigation, Senior Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager at IDEO and Portfolio Lead and Product Development at IDEO. He is also an Innovation Consultant at The John Hopkins University of Applied Physics. Tony received from Santa Clara University a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.