About Me

If you found this page, you must ether know Ethan K. Clark or be browising the internet incredibly late at night.

I will Assume you know me or are interested in who I am,

In that case welcome to my page!

I am a Junior in Highschool and part of Freestyle Academy of Arts. I am pursuing my interest in film and cinematography currently and also workiing on improving my technologial dictionary by taking digital media. This is my first year and freestyle and I am already in love. It is trully an incredible exirhilrating expeience. We learn tool and skills which will help us in the real world and we have the freedom to pursue anything we can think or dream off.

When I am not editing in the film lab some of my interest include, Politics,Literature,History and Political and Military Science. These passions trully motivate me to learn and figure all I can surounding them. I suck up every drop of history I can find when im not doing that I am watching or reading about military tactics or playing strategy games, after all of that reading poetry or a good book always is welcome.

The main reason I joined freestyle was because i wanted to be able to express myself and in a way be free. (Free is litterly in the name) I have not been disapointed and I look forward to all the work and projects in the futre. So thank you mr. Flo Mr. Taylor and Mr. Greco for making this such a meaningufull powerfull experience