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My name is Gabriela Wilde, and I am currently a senior at Freestyle Academy in Mountain View, California. My concentration this year is film, and next year I am going to pursue Film/TV Production at Fordham University in New York. I love being on set, operating the camera, and want to experiment with lighting effects. I also enjoy editing/color grading, but my problem is that I don’t know what to focus on because I want to do it all. Any suggestions on a career focus based on my work are gladly welcome! If interested, more work can be found under the “Films” and “Other Work” tabs.


Stationary (2018)

Used as a college portfolio piece and application supplement, the visual narrative “Stationary” demonstrates the way I try to use composition to create a visually appealing piece which also supports the storyline in a narrative. I captured all the footage in the span of an hour, so I think I could make something with more depth and complexity in the future if I spent more time preparing and shooting.



Big Kid (2017)

This piece was a video essay I created as part of the “Reflections” unit where students were asked to create a narrated film emphasizing something about themselves. First, I wrote the script in English and chose to focus on my childlike spirit, and then translated it to film with a quite literal representation of what I was talking about. My main goal was to get some pretty shots, and I think I did a fairly good job! A big part was color correction, which I strongly focused on. In addition, I used some basic AfterEffects features in the closeup shot with bubbles (thumbnail) to add motion blur. I like this piece because it represents me as a person and as a filmmaker.