I’m interested in learning about people and storytelling, one of the reasons why I also joined my high school’s student newspaper. I enjoy writing poems, taking photos, and making short movies. I am especially intrigued by the way films can convey subtle messages through their visuals and structure, and by the impact the story that is being told can have. I recognize the visual arts as a medium through which I can make a difference in a way that is fulfilling for me. For this reason, I am considering it as a career path. In the future I want to learn more about how to create truly powerful and meaningful pieces of cinematography, as well as continue to develop my passion for the arts. 


ACHILLES HEALS – Junior Documentary Film

This project was truly an exercise in storytelling.

PROS – Senior Narrative Film

The film follows two inept criminals as they attempt to win their corporate crime boss’s approval by pulling off the ultimate crime.