Documentary Paper

For our Documentary Project, we had to portray an interesting idea, person, place, or issue. We had to gather information from interviews and outside research in order to understand our topic in further depth.

I wanted to focus my documentary on the topic of art block and how to deal with it. This topic is very dear to my heart, mostly because like many other artists, I have suffered through it. I also wanted to explore how people dealt with this issue, and that could apply to non-artists. These are things I ended up discussing in my Documentary Paper I wrote for our English class.

HannaS-Documentary Paper

Animation Production

For Animation, we had to make an Animated Documentary. This project had to use audio from at least one interview and had to be at least two and a half minutes long. I wanted to translate what my first interviewee talked about into visuals. I asked him to describe art block as a metaphor and he delivered. He went into detail about different things that can happen to a river and how that relates to artistic burnout.

I learned a lot by doing this project, from making animatics to understanding imovie should not be used for anything.


In order to make this project any good, we had to make an animatic. Animatics are essentially strung together storyboards, with audio playing in the background. These are used time scenes and beats in animated projects.

Color Scheme

This was my original intended color scheme, which I did mostly follow. We did this to be able to set a certain mood to our animations. Reflecting back on this, I could have been more detailed and accurate with my colors, just for the sake of accuracy.

Visual Development

I made this in somewhat of a hurry, so it isn’t very detailed, and the colors are all wrong. If I were to do this again, I would make sure the piece was more akin to what my ideas for the animation actually were.


I wasn’t able to finish my documentary due to technical issues as well as work from other classes, but I did get a large chunk of it done. I am a bit disappointed, but I’m going to try finishing it over summer when I have time, as I do like what I have so far, and I’d like it to be a finished product.

Here is a little behind the scenes of this project, which was in photoshop.


Interviewee Bios


Gabriel Coke

Gabriel is an art instructor at the NUMU Atelier in Los Gatos, where he teaches drawing and painting from life.


Anastasia Yankovskiy

Anastasia is a student-athlete at Mountain View High School. On her free time, she enjoys drawing and making art.


Lina Tellefsen

Lina is an artist and a student at Los Altos High School. She has taken art classes at the NUMU Atelier for many years now.