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For our final project of Junior year we were tasked with exploring a new skill that we had not yet used, or wanted to enhance our knowledge of. With only a month to finish the project, we were only asked to research the skill and present an infographic about what we had learned. For my research topic I chose film scores. I have always been interested in the scoring of films and how certain sounds can enhance a plot line. The infographic I made is a timline of the history of film scoring from the early 1900's to the early 2000's. An explanation of the process and the infographic can be seen below.

While it was not expected of us to actually make a final product, my partner Brooke and I wanted to make one. We set out to create a short black and white silent film, with a jazzy soundtrack to fit the plot line. The film and the process can also be seen below.


This infographic was made using Illustrator. I wanted it to be a short description of each era. I used small graphics to add an interesting twist to just a normal timeline. Each graphic is from a different movie in a different time period. Each decade also has a desciption of changes in film score history for that period.

 History of Film Score Timeline

In order to make an infographic I used Illustrator. I wanted it too look cohesive and professional so I picked out colors and fonts that would match and compliment each other. Each graphic next to each text box was created by me using the program. I based a some off of cartoons and images off the web, but all the drawing were made by me. It took time to make each one compliment the era and also look good in such a small size. I believe the final project looks cohesive and professional. Using Illustrator has gotten easier and easier over the year, and I accomplished this taks quite easily.

Above is Brooke's infographic about angles and lighting in Film Noir. For our project she focused on different types of angles and lighting that is used in old black and white films. We wanted to emulate the music and shots that were used in black and white films in our own movie.

The following images depict the filming and editing process that Brooke and I went through to finish our project. This first one was taken downtown Mountain View, where Brooke and I spent time filming certain scenes for our movie. The two images after that are of Brooke edited the film in the film room here at Freestyle.

Brooke films in dress store Brooke editing film using Premiere Brooke editing film using Premiere


Another piece of the explorations project was a piece of music we made in web/audio class in March. We were tasked with making a whole entire song from scratch. We were taught how to use Reason and Pro Tools, two programs which most professionals use to make music. While I love listening to music, this project really taught me how hard it is to make the actual music. There are so many different things you can do, and sounds you can make that its hard to deiced what to do. The overall process was interesting and hard. In the end my song wasn't as great as I wanted it to be, but I think it was a good first attempt. If you click on the play button below you can listen to the song.

Below is a screen shot of the Reason application as I was making my song. You can see the different synthesizers and instruments I used at the top. Below that is the layout of the song and where each instrument is going. You can fiddle with a lot of different things in order to make a cohesive overall song. There are a lot of buttons and tools that help enhance the music and help you make it sounds the way you want it to sound.


My first year at Freestyle has been filled with new experiences and many new skills. It really has been an eye opening experience to learn how to create a website from scratch and be able to design it and fill it with information. Our animation unit enabled me to explore a whole new world that I had always looked at in awe. Now when I watch any thing that involves animation I have major respect for the people who created it and the work it took to have a finished product. Our profile unit opened my eyes to all the amazing people in my community and also the ability I have to tell their story. Creating a magazine layout and writing the story that goes with it was really interesting and enlightening. This final explorations unit was a great finish to the year. I am glad they gave us time to reflect and enhance our skills with this final unit. I have no doubt in my mind that next year will hold even more exciting discoveries and skills.