About Me

Welcome To My Site!!!

I’m Hannah Hershfeldt, a student at Freestyle Academy. For a long time now I centered my goals for the future around art and literacy. I write poetry and hope to work as a film producer one day. Freestyle gives me an outlet to be creative, and even greater than that, it provides me an opportunity to show my creativity to others.This program has challenged me to branch out and create more, as presented in this site. I value freestyle and all the many challenges it gives me. This program is always shaping my perspective and forcing me to step out of my comfort zone. I want to work in the business of film, yet I am an artistic person. I appreciate this program for exposing me to the different sides of film.

Outside of freestyle I run cross country, hang out with friends, and explore. I have a fascination with culture so a lot of my work will be revolved around both American society and the society of other places in the world. So I hope to study cultural anthropology as well as film. I hope to travel one day because I want to devote my life to people and the study of people.  The top places I would hope to go one day are Mexico, Chile, Germany, Brazil, Peru, Norway, and Italy. I also love music. My favorite artists are David Bowie, Elton John, Jackson Browne, and Bob Marley. Some of my film related icons are Tim Burton, John Hughes, and Patti Jenkins.