Welcome to my website. Here, you will find a collection of all of the projects I have done at Freestyle Academy.

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Hannah Mageean

I am currently a senior at Freestyle Academy. So far, Freestyle has had a huge impact on me in becoming who I want to be and expanding my knowledge on the digital arts. From writing essays in English to learning Photoshop in Design to creating websites like this one in Digital Media, I have learned more about my passions, values and even myself.

Last year I made this web page for my Junior year projects: Conceptual, Narrative 1, Documentary and Explorations.


My Freestyle Reflection: Freestyle has have a huge impact on me. My knowledge and understanding for the things I am passionate about has grown more than I would have ever believed to be possible for a high school student. I’ve made some very good friends during my time at Freestyle and I value everything that Freestyle has offered me.



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