My Explorations Project


The Explorations Project was a self-guided project in which we all chose our own topic that we researched and then made and infographic on. An infographic is a graphic that makes things like statistics or a step by step process easy to break down and understand. I made my infographic on how to make brownies in a mug in the microwave.


The first thing that I had to do to start this project was decide what I wanted to do. I thought about what things I liked to do and what I was passionate about. After a long time of concidering different things, I finally decided to do my project on how to make brownies in a mug. For my research aspect, I collected statistics about the nunber of Americans that dislike cooking, or don't have the time and patience to cook. That's how I decided to make something that was really easy to cook. Then I sketched out what I wanted my infographic to look like and started designing it in Adobe Illustrator and putting it together in Adobe InDesign.


This is my final product.


The hardest part of this project was actually deciding what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. It was different from other projects than I have done in that sense. I will acknowledge that I didn't do as much as I could have for this project and I didn't really push myself. I am still very happy with how everything turned out because it looks just like I wanted it to. I can definitely say I learned a thing or two about time management though.

Freestyle is like my second home. I wouldn't say I have any really good friends here; I'm very introverted. But I feel safe and secure in our little community and I feel like I can learn and grow the way I want to without being judged. It can be extremely stressful and more difficult than my classes at Los Altos High School but at least I'm learning something that I will actually use for a career and my entire life. Even if I never use Adobe Dreamweaver again after I graduate, I can still say that being at Freestyle has helped my grow as a person.