About Me

Welcome to my website! My name is Hasmik Galstyan and I am a student¬†attending Freestyle Academy. Over the course of my time here so far, I have produced several projects from writing, illustrations, and animations.¬†When I first heard about Freestyle, it immediately caught my attention. I had always been interested in learning more about the art world, but the classes taught at my normal school didn’t feel like they were teaching me a whole lot. Deciding to join Freestyle was by far the best decision I made in my time in high school. It took some getting used to, but as I got to know more about my new teachers and fellow students, I quickly felt at home. What I love most about Freestyle is how close the students have with each other. We all actually enjoy interacting with one another both in and outside of class, and because of this we have the opportunity to build close communities and make life-long friendships.

Outside of Freestyle, I typically enjoy either drawing, making video edits, or playing with my adorable dog. I love designing new, unique characters and creating stories surrounding them or a group of my characters, and occasionally I can get quite lost in my thoughts while doing so. I also enjoy making creating new content for my YouTube channel through video edits and hearing the viewers’ response and feedback to my content so I could continue to improve my work. But of course, spending time with my beloved pooch is by far the best part of my day. My pup keeps me at ease and relaxed, especially after a long stressful day at school when I need someone to comfort me.

My favorite Freestyle project thus far was my documentary book on Westwind 4-H, a riding program in Los Altos Hills. I’ve always wanted to talk about the program and location, and now I finally got the chance to dive deeper and learn more about it. It was by far the most difficult project I had ever done, but that didn’t stop me from doing the best when making it. I wasn’t just making it for myself, but also for the people at Westwind to be able to read for themselves. When it was finally finished and I received my book, I knew that all my work had been worthwhile. I will never forget doing this project, especially after I brought my book to Westwind and saw the happy look on everyone’s faces when they read it for the first time.