About Me

Hi! My name’s Hudson Jones and I am a student at Freestyle Academy, where I study film! I live with my parents and my younger sister, as well as our two pugs, our tabby cat, and our snake (Slytherin Pride! Yes, I’m also a big Harry Potter fan).  I love writing, and I want to one day educate people on social justice issues through that.

Being at Freestyle has changed the way I look at the world.  When I first joined, I was struggling with regular school, and my hope was that Freestyle would somehow magically save me from that and lead me to success simply by existing.  Of course, that turned out not to be the case; I had to work hard to hit my goals and and create projects I could be proud of.  Being here taught me that hard work doesn’t have to be a difficult thing, as long as you’re working on something that inspires you.  So far, all the work I’ve finished here, I’ve been proud of, and that’s a feeling I haven’t ever experienced before coming to Freestyle.  On top of that, getting to meet all the people here and have a real sense of community has done wonders for me.  Everyone is really kind and helpful, and it’s helped me manage my perfectionist streak, knowing that no matter how my work turns out, my peers will still support me.   Freestyle has helped me gain confidence and inspiration, and I hope that anyone seeing this website feels a little inspired by my own work!