About Me

Hugo Biczek

i joined freestyle because I have always had a creative mindset. I would express that creativity through paintings, YouTube videos, teen entrepreneur competitions, and much more. I have always felt as though regular school would hinder me from exploring my creativity and taking advantage of it. When I first went to the open house at Freestyle and I saw all the different programs, projects, and equipment they had to offer I was astounded. I knew that this was no regular school at all and that it would be a great opportunity for me.

For the 3 months that I have been here I can positively say that I have made the right decision. I have met new friends, learned so much from talented teachers, and created some projects that I would have only dreamed of making. The experience that you get here is insurmountable to any other high school program out there. One of the greatest aspects of the program is how you become fluent in all sorts of modern technology, which is a very advantageous thing in Silicon Valley.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I have a twin sister
  • I love to surf & snowboard
  • My favorite food is avocados
  • I love to paint
  • I’m a lifeguard