Narrative Header

In this unit, we focused on the concept of story-telling not just through words but through pictures and animations. One great thing about Freestyle is that everything we do overlaps with each other. In English, we wrote short stories using dialogue, symbolism and setting. All our work from English we based on our design and web work. In design, our narrative projects involved symbolism. We made photo narratives out of 6 images as well as illustrating a single narrative piece through illustrator. I'm much in love with my design work this quarter.


Anyway, in web, along with our websites, we made 1-2 minute animations in Flash. Obviously dialogue and setting was important in that process. Raime and I worked together on our animation, "All Eggs Have Dreams." It's pretty interesting and cute. I'm really proud of all our work. When we first learned Flash, I was so clueless. I couldn't follow Mr. Florendo's instructions, not to mention my laptop kept freezing and then restarting--it was a nightmare. Now, after a month of work.... I feel so accomplished. Thanks to everyone's help (especially Raime's), I actually know what I'm doing when it comes to Flash CS3!


That's another great thing about Freestyle. That the work we do is hard, time consuming, and frustrating, the end result is totally worth it!

Everything mentioned above (short stories/animation/design stuff) is on this website so be sure to check those out!



Have fun looking through my 2nd website in Freestyle Academy!