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This is Raime and my animation that we created through Flash animation. It's titled, "Eggs Have Dreams, Too" and as you can tell from the title, it's about eggs and their crazy and ridiculous dreams. It's totally random but it's really cute. Raime and I both worked super hard to do all the drawings, the scanning, the animating especially, even coming up with an idea.... so I'm super excited and proud of the final result! Hope you enjoy it!


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Flash 9 Player required. Download at


Before Raime and I started the actual animation, we had to make an animatic first. An animatic is like a preview for how the real animation will turn out. What happens is that we take our story board and all our audio recordings and play it out to make sure the story flows right. It's also helpful to see where good transitions (such as fade ins/outs) play in and what addition scenes need to be added in/taken out.


Right click to play, rewind and pause.

Flash 9 Player required. Download at