Rule of Odds

wall art at Nektar

I utilized the rule of odds in a Nektar building. I noticed that they had hung up an odd number of pictures and had placed them in a way that was unaligned and visually appealing. In addition, the building had an odd number of windows.

Rule of Thirds Emotion

rule of thirds

This photo shows the feeling of behind left behind or left out. I positioned the rest of the group on the bottom left rule of thirds while the main girl is on the bottom right rule of thirds. She is also much closer to the camera but still looks the same height as those in the background, making her feel small and almost forgotten. I think I could’ve done better with the conveying of emotion in the photo.

Speed Lighting

As soon as we were given speed lights, I decided that Freestyle Homecoming would be a great place to practice using it since I was one of the photographers for the event. Since the dance is at night and outside, where there are not a lot of bright lights, the speed light came in handy and allowed me to capture the right moments with a quick burst of flash that actually made the photos show up instead of being entirely dark.

Symmetrical Face Portraits

photo with left symmetry, the original, and photo with right symmetry juxtaposed

click on the photo above to see it in better quality

This week we took a portrait of someone and then used Adobe Photoshop to alter the subject’s face to be symmetrical to each side of the face. This week’s photo challenge was inspired by this symmetrical face portraits photography movement: