SoundCloud poems

SoundCloud poems

During this conceptual unit in English, we wrote several different kinds of poems to broaden our poetry skills. Some of those included the haiku poem, free verse poems, and an ekphrastic poem, which is a poem written about another work of art.

The poetry unit has allowed me to grow as a poet since I wasn’t a big fan of poetry before this year. Mr. Greco made poetry writing and reading poetry fun because we were able to interpret the poetry differently and it was a different and cool experience for me since I am normally used to writing things to the point so including underlying messages and symbols that represented different things was a nice change. It was all tied together perfectly with the great tutorials that Mr. Flo had made to help teach us how to use Photoshop. With Photoshop, we were able to create album art that looked professional.

Use Photoshop to make a creative photo of your poem text (with or without image(s)). Upload the .png photo into your WordPress website.

Update your Conceptual page content. Hover over Pages and select Add New. Create a new page with title “Poetry Intention Statement”. The content of the page will include the creative photo of your poem that includes the poem text and your Poetry Intention Statement written in English. Format the page to look good with good Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity Principles. Update your new page. View the Poetry Intention Statement page and copy the URL.

Embed the SoundCloud Interface of the matching poem above/below/near your photo. Optional: Wrap text on resized SoundCloud interface, float your interface on left or right