Welcome to my website for my explorations project! This project basically let us, the students, free to do whatever we chose to do. I chose to use our new Cintiq which is a large tablet that you can draw directly on. It is an absolutely amazing device and my new favorite tool.




his has by far been my favorite project this year. Here are photos of my process and as well as photos showing how my skill level with the Cintiq has evolved throughout this project.

This is the first drawing that i digitalized on the Cintiq.


This is the second drawing that I digitalized on the Cintiq. As you can see, this was the first drawing in which I started experiemnting with shading.


This is the third drawing that I digitalized on the Cintiq. This is a portrait of Edward Scissorhands that I did. I was still experimenting with shading during this drawing.


This is the final drawing that I digitalized on the Cintiq. It is also the piece of art that I am most proud of because I think that it came out beautifully, thanks to the help from my friend, Izzy, who helped teach me more about shading. This piece also shows how far I have truly come in my skills with using the Cintiq.


This is a gallery of all of my completed art from this project.