Hi! Welcome to my page. My name is Jean Shemesh-Rasmussen, although most call me Jehan. I’m 17 years old and a student studying Design at Freestyle Academy in Mountain View. Throughout my life, I have been quite passionate in Arts, such as painting, singing, embroidery, and so on. I grew up in a very Science and Art-based household, so I grew up going to art classes, engineering events, and performing in plays and musicals. Even now, my favorite after-school hobby is being in a musical! During my time at Freestyle, I am hoping to learn more about what I need to know before going off to Art school or something of that sort. So far, Freestyle has given me interesting and informative classes on topics I love, and many people that I now call my friends. Out of everything so far, I value the community Freestyle has cultivated, composed of creatives. I hope to accomplish as much as I can in my second and final year at Freestyle!