During the creation of my Perspective Video, I encountered many areas of hard work that I have never experienced before. Previous to joining the Freestyle Academy, I had little knowledge for putting together clips in an orderly, and professional manner. Using the application Pro Tools 12, I was able to read my entire narrative in a sound cancellcated booth that enabled me to hear nothing else but the audio of my voice. After recording my personal narrative in Pro Tools 12, I was able to transfer it onto a program where all of my creative process begins. Adobe After Effects CC is a program used to design visual effects, as well as motion and 3d after effects. After Effects works as  "post-production" for film making as frees the ability to add different slides and pictures with the right labeling. Although I have never narrated over pictures and slides before, I was able to use After Effects to enhance my .wav audio from my narrative, as well as insert a background track to play during my presentation.

What caused me to write about this perspective specifically was the actual experience of being thrown out of school for a t-shirt that could not possibly disrupt class in anyway but was designed by a graphic artist in the marijuana community. What didn't make sense to me was that I was being repremanded for wearing a shirt that didn't break any of the school rules of dress code policy. Understandably, you cannot come to school with a direct link to something not prohibited in school for minors. It's also stated indirect messages reffering to links not allowed in school are prohibited. What puzzled me about this punishment was that at my previous school at Los Altos, I was able to wear any type of clothing if it didn't break the rules of the dress code policy. When I was sent to Alta Vista, I was aware it was in place to help and place me back on track, but a school whose soul purpose is to work with high school students to improve their high school career should not be in any place to kick a student on Honor Roll out for a t-shirt.


Thorough audio editing process using the application Pro Tools 12


After Affects enabled me to create and add visual transitions.