sea turtle


Welcome to my narrative website.  In this unit, I learned how to create a story using photography, writing, and an animation.

In English, we read many different short stories to help inspire us to create our very own short story or flash fiction.  We then wrote a 55 fiction story.  This is a story with
only 55 words!  It was incredibly hard!  Here is my 55 fiction story called Time makes a Full Circle:

A little girl huffed toward her full time job.  At the grocery store, yellow floors have unnatural sheen like the dentures that appeared every time the girl smiled.  

At home, she painted. Her artwork seemed like it was drawn by a preschooler. She was unable to draw a perfect square, circle, or any recognizable shape.    

In addition to this, we created a comic that later was scanned into the computer to create the animatic in Web/Audio class.

In Web/Audio, we created an animatic from our comics.  We then used the animatic as the basis of our animation.  We used Adobe Flash CS5 to create both the animatic and the animation.  We also made this website to showcase all of our work from this unit.  We used Adobe Dreamweaver to create this site.

In Design class, we create illustration using Adobe Illustrator to portray our stories.  We also created a diptych that depicted an external and internal conflict a character might face in life.  We edited our diptychs on Adobe Photoshop.  

I designed this site with water color splashes, parchment paper, and boats because those elements are all in an adventure novels.  The parchment paper contains the contend of my website or in other words the story.  This represents English.  The water color splashes represents ink from a recent painting.  This represents  Design class, where we created an illustration.  Lastly, the ship reminds me of having an adventure.  The adventure being my struggle with creating an animation.  

Here is a picture of my animation in progress.