Intro to Conceptual 

This project has challenged and pushed us out of our comfort zones by teaching us to take artistic risks in poetry, music, art, animations, experimental film and web production. During the conceptual unit, we have began developing skills through learning and using a variety of modern professional equipment and applications such as DSLR Cameras, Tascam Audio Recorders, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, WordPress, and Google Apps.

I value this unit immensely because of the sense of independence and level of professionalism that these projects and the teachers at Freestyle have given us. This unit has been the first time in my life where I have felt in charge of my own work at school because of the independence we are given. This unit taught me so much and I can not wait to learn more here at Freestyle!

Photo Haiku

The photo haiku project was the first “big” project we completed at Freestyle. We were challenged to create a haiku and take a picture that supports a concept statement that we pulled from a hat. The concept statement I pulled was: I am exploring the feeling of defeat through the experience of cooking.

Photo Haiku Image

Death represents defeat in some ways and these weeds reminded me of grain so I chose to take a photo of dead weeds to represent defeated food.

Photo Haiku Video

Photo Haiku Premiere Pro Screenshot

Not only was this project a great introduction to poetry, photography and Adobe Premiere Pro, it taught me how to use enhanced diction and poetic devices to convey my ideas and how to imagine an image that would support it.

Blend Modes

During the blend modes project, we were taught how to blend our original photos in Adobe Photoshop. We used different blend modes to lighten photos, darken photos, enhance objects in photos, overlay photos, etc. Using screen mode would lighten your photo, using multiply mode, your photo would darken. We also used brush tools and overlay mode to brighten or darken a photo depending on what you wanted to emphasis in the picture.




Blend Modes Photoshop Screenshot

This project taught me the most about DSLR cameras and Photoshop than any other activity or project so far. Not only did I enjoy learning how to properly take and change photos, but I will value this project for as long as I work with cameras and editing software because of the great amount of information I took away from it.

Conceptual Project Poems

Throughout the conceptual unit in English, we wrote, read and learned about poetry and how to write an effective poem.

Ekphrastic Poem

The first poem I chose to share was my Ekphrastic Poem. The Ekphrastic Poem was a poem that we created responding to a piece of art of our choice from our field trip to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Poem Intention Statement

In “Fathomless Words”, I am exploring the feeling of processing the unknown through writing. The speaker of my poem is heavily based off of me and my ideas, the speaker responds to the concept statement with many difficult emotions. The subject of my poem is envisioning the future and in the beginning of my poem, the speaker reacts to the subject with fear, confusion, and anxiety but later has a shift in their attitude about the subject, reacting to it with excitement and a need for discovery. The shift in attitude towards the subject came from the realization that you will not know your future until you live it and it is a waste of energy to worry about things you cannot control. To continue, I used this image of typing on a never ending piece of paper as a metaphor for worrying about the unknown and what you can’t control. I also used an abyss as a metaphor for my mind because I think it creates a deep understanding of the idea of contemplation that I am trying to convey. I wanted to create a overwhelming or unsettling feeling in the first seven lines of my poem because thinking about the future can be overwhelming and after that I wanted to slow the tone of my poem down through the use of enjambment and end-stops. I also wanted to organize it in a way that it would slow down in your head when you are reading it as well. I wanted my poem to be relatable in multiple ways, for example I wanted people to relate to how difficult writing can be but also how difficult contemplating the future can be because I face these difficulties very often and I know that others do too.

Creative Poem

The second poem I chose to share was our creative poem. This poem was a story of two people coming together and/or meeting, all the while responding to our concept statement. (I am exploring the feeling of defeat through the experience of cooking)

Exquisite Corpse Poem Video

This exquisite corpse poem was created in a small group of ten people, including myself, in English. The poem is created by one person writing a singular line of poetry and then pass it on to the next person. The catch is that when writing your line of poetry, you can only see one line above yours while the rest are covered. Once the poem was created, we all took and/or edited and photo and recorded ourselves saying our line. After receiving all the photos and recordings of everyone in our group, we individually used Adobe After Effects to create a video of all of the recordings and pictures in order to create visuals and sounds for our poem.

I have never been fond of poetry but after this unit at Freestyle, I have gained a new perspective and have learned to enjoy writing poetry rather than dreading it. We learned how to place our feelings and raw reactions on paper in poetry and that is something I will always value.

Experimental Film

Our first unit in Film was the experimental film unit. During experimental film, we watched, studied and created non-narrative, avant-garde and abstract films that stray away from traditional methods and narratives. Our experimental films were created individually that were based off of our concept statement we chose in English, mine being, I am exploring the feeling of defeat through the experience of cooking.

Premiere Pro Screenshot

The challenge of creating this film is something I will never forget. Coming up with ideas from scratch and learning how to properly carry them out on screen was difficult but also an amazing experience that taught me a lot. Not only did I learn immensely from creating my own, I also learned by watching my classmate’s films as well.