Hi, welcome to my website! My name is Kate and I am a senior student at Freestyle Academy. I take film, digital media, and english here, and I have enjoyed all of them. I started here at Freestyle to expand my knowledge on film and be involved in something unique that I am passionate about.

Throughout my years in school, I have been struggling to find a voice to convey my ideas. However, when it is an option I prefer to make videos, so it is great that that is what I get to spend my time doing here as I feel more inspired to do it. Making films is an interesting way to get your ideas across and makes learning much more entertaining for the viewer. The best part about is that it is engaging and makes you think about a message the film maker is trying to get across, which you can be very creative with. At freestyle, I value that everyone’s opinions and ideas are heard. I’ve found that in high school it’s difficult to express yourself without being judged for it. I appreciate that I have found a place with such a variety of students that are all interested in pursuing different things where people can be motivated in their school projects.

So far, we have done a few projects in all of these classes that were all intertwined. In english, everyone picked out a concept statement from a hat which includes a feeling and an experience to write a poem. We then took this and made it a more interactive experience in digital media, which led to using our concept statements to develop experimental, metaphorical films in film class.