About Me



Welcome to my website! My name is Katie Bousse and I’m a student at Freestyle Academy. At Freestyle, I’m taking classes in Film, English and Digital Media. I’m really proud of all the projects that I’ve created at Freestyle, because I put so much effort and time into them. Through Freestyle, I’ve meet tons of cool people who I also get to work with everyday, and made a bunch of new friends that I would have never known otherwise. I joined Freestyle in the first place because I’ve always been interested in digital art and film, and Freestyle was the perfect opportunity to pursue those interests. I also wanted to challenge myself to be a more creative person, and expand my talents beyond typical school.

When I’m not in Freestyle, I love photography, reading books and watching movies. My favorite movie is No Country for Old Men and my favorite book is Mosquitoland by David Arnold. One of my favorite things to do is go outside and take pictures of nature, because the weather is always so amazing where I live. Some of my other hobbies include biking and thrift shopping.

My favorite project that I’ve done at Freestyle was the documentary project from Junior year. I had a very personal connection to the project, because it involved my mom. I learned a lot about managing my time and problem solving, and I was really proud of the final product.