About Katherine

Portraits of Katherine SunKatherine Sun

Hello! I’m Katherine, an artist from the Bay Area. I attend Mountain View High School and Freestyle Academy, making my way through junior year. My passions include photography, painting, and film (both the digital one and photography one). However, I am eager to discover all art media which Freestyle has given me the opportunity to do. I have dwelled in the traditional forms or art for quite some time–painting, drawing, and recently, exploring the darkroom, which has been quite the experience. At Freestyle, I value the fresh and modern art-forms. Integrated to expand and digitalize creativity, I look forward to learn digital art.

Inspiration strikes everywhere. My favorite artists of all time are Bryant Giles, Salvador Dalí, Robert Rauschenberg, and Philip Lorca diCorcia. I hope to better my skills in drawing the human figure, telling a story through art, and making a piece that will resonate with the audience.













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