Narrative: Lillica, the Artist

Lillica, The Artist By Kendra Evans

The purpose of the narrative project is to learn how to teel a story through mostly pictures rather that mostly words. In english, we developed a character's personality and lifestyle. Then we created our graphic novels. In design, we photographed a portrait of our character and illustrated a scene from our graphic novel. In web/audio, we took our graphic novel,create an animation and, of course, create a website!

My story is about Lillica, a british girl who lives in a communtiy of rich lords and ladys. However, she is your modern day teenager and would rather be designing special affects and graphics or watching five seasons of Star Trek a day. Her dilemma is that her traditional mother wants her to get married and raise a family, and does not accept Lillica's wild and geeky behaivior. As you explore the site, you'll see how the story unfolds. I hope you enjoy!