Listener Lyric

You are a former chef turned youth minister. You use your talents to help develop youths’ faith and character. People come to you for advice and just for someone to talk to. Your art has become the vision for retreats and festivals.

In high school, you dipped your toes into different forms of learning. Your teachers made learning fun. Mr. Pierce turned monotonous, boring lectures into Fun comedic sessions that you could enjoy. Mrs. P allowed you to explore different forms of artwork. She took the time to get a kiln and put it in her office so the school could have a sculpture Department. She allowed you to explore watercolor and other forms of painting. In your senior year, your father made you get serious take stem classes and turn away from the things that you truly enjoyed. During this learning, your parents’ job hours changed to graveyard shifts and being away all day. You are now the one who had to make sure that your siblings’ homework done on time and cook meals. So there you are Vietnamese kid, watching a French chef trying and learn how to cook. All you have in your house is Vietnamese ingredients with those you try to somehow construct a french dish. You fail miserably more times than you succeed, but your siblings do not complain because they know it is hard for you. You finally graduate from high school and go to college, thankfully your parents’ job shift switch so they will be home during the day to take care of your sibling.

When you go to college you have more freedom and make more decisions for yourself, but your parents still butt in and make some for you. They decide for you that you will be a biology major even though all you want to do is Arts. In college, you have the freedom to choose your classes you decide to start taking some more art classes again. You dive into different forms of painting like watercolor and acrylic and oils all over again. You also decide to take some design classes and try digital art out and you love it. Digital art is an amazing thing where you can make as many mistakes as you want but undo them and retry. Then you decide to try a dance class. You have never been amazing at dancing you even tell yourself that you look like dead chicken when you trying to dance but you try. Dance was this thing where you just tried to find the flow move in time with everyone else and become one seamless River of movement. When dancing you are no longer an individual you are part of a larger being moving as one. You took several dance classes and developed in different styles like ballet and Hip Hop and contemporary you learn how to LEAP how to lift and how to move with rhythm. When you are dancing you forget everything else happening around you. Your family stress and your schoolwork fades away and you are there in moment one with everyone around you. When you leap into the air you become transformed into a butterfly flapping in the air and you become one with the music. Your times of being a butterfly ended when you sustain an ankle injury causing you to have to stop doing dance and return to the more traditional mediums of Art. Throughout college, you have created different pieces and items that truly reflect your soul. Those pieces have been on display during exhibitions and in galleries, but your parents never came to see any of them. Your parents won’t come to see any of the artwork that you love, that shows who you truly are because they do not think it is important or necessary. Your love of art turns to rage and hatred of it because it represents this thing that you can not fix. This relationship that you had that has become so toxic to the point where you cannot stand it. Gone is your LOVE for these pieces and you can not stand to look at them anymore. You turn to Fire and destruction and Destroy every single piece of art from your time at college because if your parents can not see it then you can not look at it. Reduced by the Blaze to a PILE of ASHES you lose your artwork forever.