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      This spring semester at Freestyle Academy the student's full attention was directed towards making a documentary. At the beginning of the year if I thought of the word documentary, I would probably envision somebody sitting on a couch watching TV and flipping the channels to animal planet, or the history channels to find an informative documentary on great white sharks or the holocaust. After I have experienced this documentary project, now when I think of the word documentary I think of picking a topic that interests me, that I can inspire others to take an interest in and taking it to the highest level I am capable of. I think of taking a million pictures, organizing them, and editing them. I think of audio recording twenty-minute interviews, transcribing them word for word, cutting, editing, and organizing the sentences. I think writing about my work I have done, subjects I have investigated, and theme I have explored all together to have a final project, Reaching for the Clouds. A documentary book with pictures, an audio documentary, and a documentary website publishing this work to the world.

      Now that you know how much work I have put into this project, I will tell you what it is about. Reaching for the Clouds is a documentary about four young adults between the ages of 17 and 20 that are activity pursuing their true dreams. Our subjects, Zach Morris, April Eaton, Charlie Cohen, and Christopher Castle, are each working towards differing careers: a writer, musician, model, and business entrepreneur. The connection through out is their perpetual drive, enthusiasm, passion, and need for fulfillment. My partner, Lauren Burks, and I wanted to show and tell their stories to the public to enthuse our readers to reach the level of fervor that these young adults are pushing to attain, by following their bona fide dreams.