This website is used to display all of my work form our conceptual unit at freestyle. To begin the conceptual unit we where given a conceptual statement in English. My statement was I am experiencing the feeling of paranoia through dancing. That statement was used to inspire most of the work shown on this website.


The first poem we wrote was inspired by our concept statement, we had to write a poem that was ten lines long completely based on the statement. The next poem we wrote was our ekphrastic poem, which was inspired by a piece of artwork. We went to the de Young museum as a class and while we were there we had to pick which piece of art we wanted to write our poem about. The last poem written could be about anything we wanted. We watched many spoken word performances to have examples of what the finished produce should be like. Then we wrote about something we care about and preformed it for the class.

10 line poem
10 Line Poem
ekphrastic poem
Ekphrastic Poem
spoken word poem
Spoken Word Poem
Photo Haiku

In English we were given a conceptual statement, mine was exploring the feeling of paranoia through dancing. We then wrote a haiku based on that statement. Once the haiku was finished we were to taken a picture that metaphorically represented our haiku. In WebAudio we added music to enhance our poem. I chose to take a photo of a bird in a cage because my haiku was meant to represent something beautiful that was trapped. The bird is the same as the dancer they was both are trapped in repetition, despite there beauty.

When choosing music I was looking for something that remind people of ballet, but also be slightly unsettling to bring on the feeling of paranoia. That is why I chose the dramatic orchestra music


flash interface

This image show the Flash interface. Flash was used to create my photo haiku, I imported the photo, and made my music in ProTools. Next i used flash to add the music to the photo, add a title page, and add the ending



I am exploring the feeling of paranoia through dancing.

conceptual art piece
click the image above to view art piece

The main objects in the photograph are the falling leaves and the shadow. The shadow is dark and neutral , while the leaves are the brightest, most colorful things in the picture. This add contrast and make the both stand out more. The vignette adds to the darkness of the photo and draws attention in towards the shadow and leaves. The pieces of furniture in the background are meant to give this photo a sense of realism. This paired with the low lighting adds to the overall creepiness of the photo. Thus adding to the paranoia and fear meant to felt through the picture.

In Photoshop the first thing I did was crop and add vignette to the photo to draw attention towards center and the main objects. Next I edited out the strings that were being used to hold the leaves to make them look like they were falling. I also used adjustment layers to enhance the color and brightness of the leaves, making them pop more against the dark, neutral background. The last adjustment I made was adding a slight colored pencil filter the the shadow in order to add more of an outline and make it more defined.

My concept statement was experiencing the feeling of paranoia through dancing. The shadow is meant to represent the feeling you get at night and you see shadows . Something about the dark and the unknown combined with the shadows is so terrifying, so I used that to convey the paranoia part of my concept statement. As for the leaves they are meant to represent dancing, with their lyrical movement as they fall. These are two very contrasting ideas so in a way the brightness of the leaves in the photo is meant momentarily distract from the the paranoia meant to be brought on by the shadow, and even if just for a instant give the feeling of freedom and calm many people experience while dancing.

photoshop interface



Conceptual Music