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For the documentary project I chose to profile the Tijuana Ministries. I wrote an article in English, designed a magazine in Desgin and made a website in Web/Audio. I want to produce work that accuratly portrayed my documentary subject. This was also a chance for me to improve my skills in profile writing, InDesign and Dreamweaver. I chose to profile Tijuana Mininstries because it a program that has been a huge part of my life for that last for year and has changed me for the better. I wanted people to be able to see the amazing things to program does and maybe even be inspired to make changes in their lives. I also wanted to learn more about the program that I love so much.

Tijuana Ministries is an immersion program progam based in the Diocese of San Jose. Every year amazing people travel to Tijuana, Mexico in order to build homes a bring a sense of community to the impoverished area. The mission statement says "We foster friendships and spiritual growth by reaching across borders to bring God’s people together. By putting our faith into action, we build lasting and vibrant communities in collaboration with San Eugenio Parish in Tijuana. We provide opportunities for education, immersion, and commitment to promote human dignity."



Making a magazine was exciting because it is something I had never done before. I have made pamplets and tri-folds before, but never a full magazine.

Talk about what you favorite part of making the magazine. What did you enjoy?

I tried to reflect the Tijuana Minstries as accureatly as possible in my magazine. I did this by using a color scheme similar to their website and logo. I want to keep the design fairley simple, because I believe that is the most accurate way to portray the program. I made Graphic Design Elements that resemble the Tijuana Minstries logo and also protray the most important parts of the ministry.

Graphic Design ElementIn making this magazine arctilce I learned many different things. Firstly, in English I learn how to follow to follow the proper documentary format in my article. Another thing I learned a lot about would be the interview process. I learned how to write interview question and how conduct a good interview. This will help me in the future if I have to interview someone or be interviewed.

When making ou magazines in Design we used InDesign. This was a program I had never used before and it was great to be able to learn how to use this tool, becaue it is used often in Graphic Design jobs.

InDesign Interface
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Bob Malone

Bob Malone

Kathy Fanger

Kathy Fanger

Carol Gerughty

Caroline Gerughty

For our artcile we interviewed three people. These interview were used a research for the paper. We wrote question and conducted the interview, when finished we transcribed the interview so we could use them as quotes in our artciles. I chose these three people because they have all experienced the ministry in different ways and I believed they would have interesting opinions.

Bob Malone
Bob Malone is a Deacon for the Diocese of San Jose. He is a Construcion and Spiritual Lead for the Tijuana Ministries.
Kathy Fanger
Kathy Fanger works at Cristo Rey Catholic Cemetary. She leads the Mothers Program for Tijuana Ministries.
Carol Gerughty
Caroline Gerughty is a nurse practiotioner at the NASA AMES Health center. She is a parishonner at Saint Simon, and have gone on the Tijuana Mission Trip.