About Me

Hey there, welcome to my website! Here I get to show you guys all of my productions. Let me introduce myself, I’m Lilia Rodriguez also known as “Lilia Valerie” on Youtube. I’ve always loved making videos of myself and editing videos to entertain people, so then I decided to start a Youtube channel. I started in elementary school but I stopped in middle school because people made fun of me for it. Eventually, I started up my channel again in high school and I am currently making videos and I am almost at 1,000 subscribers, which isn’t a lot , but it is still a big accomplishment for me. When I heard about Freestyle through my brother I knew it was the program for me. I have barely started but I know this experience will help me accomplish many more goals.

I’ve only been at freestyle for a couple of months now but from the moment I began I felt like I fit in just right! Everyone here is just so positive and kind hearted including the staff. When we first shared our Haiku poem in English I was a little nervous at first, but I then realized that all my classmates wouldn’t judge me, and I finished the poem with confidence. This is an example of how Freestyle¬† is different than just a regular class course, everyone at this academy actually wants to go here and do what they have a passion for.¬† I am very excited for what is to come in the future.