About Me

Lucy Miller

Freestyle as a community has been a very open and safe place for me, although I have only been here a few months. It’s sort of like a second home to me. There have been so many times I have come here after school even if I didn’t have much homework just because it’s a small protected campus.  Because the campus is so small the classes are more one-on-one and so you become closer to your peers and teachers than you would in a regular setting. This has allowed me to feel like I have a voice in our community, unlike public schools where you’d be in a room with 30 or so kids all competing for the teachers attention.

This being said, Freestyle Academy is focused around the digital side of art. Instead of learning from a textbook, or lecture Freestyle allows us to interact with our assignments and create our own projects to fit the criteria, allowing us to have creativity and individuality. Freestyle has given me the time and resources to start learning how to use all of these professional software programs to create things I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish by myself. This is good because Silicon Valley is a rapidly developing area in technological advances so it’s important to know how to use things that are going to be an essential part of living here.

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