My name is Maddy Zonana, I am currently a senior at Freestyle Academy and Mountain View High School. At Freestyle I study Film Production. I especially like editing films because it’s where you get to take the different components of the film and combine them into a compelling story. Here are two of the projects I made over the past two years that I am the most proud of.

Power Play – Junior Documentary Film
For my junior documentary, I chronicled power soccer, an adaptive sport for people with severe disabilities. My brother plays for a team in San Jose, California, and after seeing what the sport gave him and his teammates, I wanted to share their stories through this film. For this project, I prepared interview questions, conducted filmed interviews, shot supporting b-roll and edited it all together.

A Social Study – Senior Video Essay
For my senior video essay, I examined my relationship with social media and how it affects my relationship with my peers. For this film, I wrote and recorded the voiceover and filmed footage to visually support my essay. The hardest part of this project was cutting down my voiceover and clips so that my final film was under the time limit of two minutes.