I am Mallory Coish and I am a senior in film production at Freestyle Academy. I am currently committed to San Diego State University for pre-business marketing, but am still waiting on a Canadian School.  I have done Film Production these past two years as more of a hobby, as I hope to go into Med School after I get my undergraduate degree in business. Regarding film production, I have been really interested in documentary films; I love the style and professionalism that comes with them. However, I found these past two years that I am more skilled at narrative films, and the story that comes with them. Because of this, for my senior narrative film that I will be presenting, my partner and I wrote and created a film that had documentary elements in it. For my junior narrative film that I will be presenting, you will see the strong story telling elements in it, without the use of dialogue.


Junior Narrative

For my junior narrative, I paired up with Gabriela Wilde and we created a fantasy film. In this short 5 minute film, we were challenged with telling a story without dialogue. Because of this, we casted Caden Gaviria and Grace Wilken, who are both very talented actors. In our film, we had many different locations and shots within these locations to better tell our story; overall producing a very charming and creative story that took place in a different world.


Senior Narrative

For my senior narrative, I paired up with Caroline Schachter, who had written a psychological thriller that I had heard during our class pitches. I was intrigued with this idea and though it would be interesting to film. In addition to this idea, which we revised to make more thrilling, we were able to include documentary style shots and scenes, which as I mentioned previously, really like that style of filming. Overall, we produced a very intriguing yet complex film, with only one main actress.

Both of these projects have been extremely important to me throughout my two years at Freestyle because they give a sense of who I am. My junior narrative shows the charming, imaginative, and romantic aspects of me and what I like to incorporate and come through in the stories I tell. On the other hand, my senior narrative shows the complex, frantic, and exciting aspects of me and what I like to come across in other stories I film. These projects have also shown how much I have grown as a film student with the skills I have acquired over the course of the two years I have been here. Even though these two projects different in film style, they show how my knowledge of adobe premiere has really grown as well.