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Part One: The Activists

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Part Two: The Teens

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Part Three: The Issues

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.: Overview of Documentary Project Elements :.

For the Documentary Unit each student had to choose a topic that we wanted to explore, then write a research paper for writing, and make a photo documentary for design. In addition to that, each web/audio student was required to make a website and an audio documentary. Below are the links and descriptions of each aspect of my project.

.: Research Paper :.
The subject I wanted to explore in my research paper, was teen activists, and the way that certain types of teen activism works, while other types don't. After interviewing many students at my school I was able to find a general agreement in the things that I asked them about.

.: Audio Documentary :.

In my audio documentary, I originally planned on focusing on the lives of two teen activists, Genny and Evie, but after interviewing them, and talking to some of my other fellow teens, I decided to change my topic slightly. I decided to interview some more teens and focus my audio documentary on the ways that teen activism works and the ways that it doesn't.

.: Photo Project :.

For my photo documentary, I went further in depth than my paper and audio documentary. Where ther other two aspects stopped at just talking about the issues, my book is split into three parts, the activists, the teens, and the issues. I really wanted to show the contrasts and simliarities between people who dedicate their time all the time, and regular teens just going through high school.

.: Project Comments :.

In this project I really loved how we were allowed to choose whatever topic we wanted and were allowed to do so much in regards to tone, color, just everything. We were really able to express ourselves, and I don't really know how many other teenagers our age are able to say that they've made books and audio doumentaries.

I had a lot of fun making all of these components and I hope you enjoy looking at and hearing all of them.